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How To Make An E-Learning Platform In Python & Django 3.0

Hello Guys, In this post, you can learn how to make an E-learning website in Django 3.0, after reading this you can easily create an e-learning platform in Django and check my GitHub repository and learn how to create an e-learning website in Django and python.
The Most Popular Examples of E-learning Platforms
1) Udemy
Everyone knows about this platform, udemy is the largest e-learning platform, in which we can buy or purchase courses, this platform is advanced and has top-notch features like user progress tracking and download certificates, udemy has 4-5 Interfaces or panels like Teacher Panel, in which teacher upload their courses and video or certificates and second is user panel in which user create a profile and purchase a course and start learning.
and after completing the course we get our certificate.
2) Edureka 
3) Desire2Learn
4) Docebo
5) Simplilearn and there are many other platforms.
Live Link:-


Features of My E-learning Platform code:-
Dynamic Slider
User Login/ Registration
Add To Cart / Remove From Cart
Add Coupons
Payment Gateway Integration
Custom Admin Panel
User Panel
Search bar
Image Size Compressor
a) User Panel
-> Purchase Courses
-> Download Certificate after completing the course
-> Watch Videos
-> Edit Profile
-> Change Password
 -> Order History
-> Add To Cart, Remove from Cart.
-> Calculate Total Amount 
b) Custom Admin Panel
-> Upload Video for Particular course
-> Add Post
-> Category, Sub Category, and Sub Sub Category
-> Autoslug
-> Add Multiple Sections like FAQ or Price or Features
-> Add Discount Coupons
-> All Orders
-> All Users
-> Allow Certificates to Users, Admin has permission to enable or disable the certificate.
-> Index Categories and Post (Move post and Categories)
-> Add Dynamic Sections on Homepage
-> Add latest offers on banners
-> Add Blogs 
and many other functionalities in this project...
Before running the project, run these commands

pip install -r requirements.txt

python manage.py migrate

python manage.py runserver


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