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Top 5 Django Projects That Can Get You A Job.

Hello Devs, In this Post I'm gonna show you some top Django projects that can get you a job very easily and that Django projects look awesome on your resume.

Here are the top 5 Django projects that can provide you a job very easily:-

1) Personal Portfolio in Django

Example:- https://shivamrohilla.herokuapp.com/

Create a personal portfolio website in Django and post your projects on your personal portfolio and show that portfolio to any company and mention that portfolio on your resume and host that portfolio on free web hosting like Heroku or python anywhere if you want to learn how to host Django app on Heroku so here is a link:- 


Mention all your skills and write something about yourself on that portfolio and the most important thing is please download premium templates so that they look more impressive.



2) CRUD Based Application in Django (Basic Student Information App )

and the second one is a Basic student information application based on Django in which you can add, delete or update the data of students with pagination.

Source Code:- https://github.com/ShivamRohilllaa/students

3) Blog Application in Django

and the third one is blog application, please create a blog application with multiple features like comment system, like and post views, companies like these types of application.

Example:- https://webdevcodes.com/

4) E-commerce Application in Django

and the fourth one is the Ecommerce application in Django, so that's the most important application, and most startup companies like these types of applications, if you build an e-commerce application in Django and mention this on your resume so no one can stop you to get a job as Django Developer.

5) E-learning Application in Django

and the last one is the E-learning application and that's the advanced application, if you build this application and mention it in your resume so you can easily get a job as a Django Developer in any company and that project, is a little bit advanced so here is the source code of e-learning project

Source Code:- https://github.com/ShivamRohilllaa/E-learning-Django- 

Thank You 

Shivam Rohilla | Python Developer

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