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How To Create Password Protected Zip File In Python

Hello guys, in this tutorial you'll learn how to make a password-protected zip file using python.

we'll use the python library:-

pip install pyminizip

after installing this library, we use compress() method for creating a zip file.

It's syntax 


options are:- inpt = file path,

pre = None, prefix path,

oupt = file name after compressing,

password = abs,

compress_level = 4,


import pyminizip

#file path

inp = "./file.txt"

#pre path

pre = None

#output zip file path

opt = "./fileopt.zip"

#make a password

password = "abc"

#compress level

com_lvl = 5

#Now compressing the file

pyminizip.compress(inp, None, opt, password, com_lvl)

that's it now run the command in your terminal and try to open the file in your pc you will see that file is password protected.

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