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Track Phone Number Location Using Python.

 Hello guys, in this post you will see how to track the phone number location using python, you can find any phone number location in simple steps.

Install the phonenumbers module in your environment 

Code:- https://github.com/ShivamRohilllaa/python-number-tracker

pip install phonenumbers

after that create two python files in which you'll write code and phone number.

so here we go,

Create a num.py file and enter the number 


number = "+countrycode-your number or somebody else number"



number = "+91-1234567890"


Create a main.py file 

and import the phonenumbers in this file and then import the number which you write in num.py file and then import geocoder and carrier and start writing the code.


import phonenumbers

#import number from num.py

from num import number

from phonenumbers import geocoder

from phonenumbers import carrier

num = phonenumbers.parse(number, "CH")

print(geocoder.description_for_number(num, "en"))

service_num = phonenumbers.parse(number, "RO")

print(carrier.name_for_number(service_num, "en"))

after this run this file in your terminal.

python main.py 

after running this command you will see the output like that.

Country Name:- India
Service Provider:- Vodafone

Thank You

Shivam Rohilla | Python Developer 

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